15 October 2014

It's been a good year so far with some new retail outlets, the new annual Bristol Wool Show, (a big success), my buttons mentioned in Simply Crochet magazine, and an invitation to sell a selection of work in The Christmas Show at Craft in the Bay, Cardiff, home of The Makers Guild in Wales.

I love what I do and am happy to get on with making, it's a slow process as I make a lot of products, so it's fairly varied each day, but ultimately it's a cycle of making, drying carefully (flat in most cases, very time consuming stuff!), spongeing the edges, (I love a nice finish), bisc firing and then glazing, either treating with oxides first or simply coating with glaze, up to 5 coats on some items and then high firing to 1250c.

Summer is fabulous if the weathers good, I use the garden as my studio with up to 5 workstations on the go at the same time when I'm glazing, with different process and products at each. The sun dries the glaze quickly, ready for the next coat and everything is speeded up. As the year progresses, and the weather takes a turn, it takes longer to dry clay for its initial firing, and for each coat of glaze to dry enough to receive the next coat, it all ends up taking a space in the house to dry, at times there's hardly a space to put down a mug of tea!

This is what it's like here now, on the run up to Christmas, so many fairs and events to book and making is at its busiest, with Christmas decorations added to the list!

Of course, it's fun too, and designing something new is a favourite thing to do. I usually have ideas when I'm out walking the dog, and I scribble a note or sketch when I'm back at home.

I love the dramatic sky of October, driving across the Severn Bridge the other night towards Wales the sky looked to be on fire with glorious oranges and reds as far as the eye could see, absolutely stunning!

Summer is over and we might as well embrace it. I dug out a scarf last night for the evening walk, lit candles to provide a cosy glow and cooked a hearty casserole, what's not to love about this new season?