New Website Launched!

16 April 2013

Oh! What a wonderful time of year to launch a website! Crack open the champagne! Spring has sprung and the creative juices are flowing!

Well, the big news here of course is that finally, I have a new all singing, all dancing website, and anyone who knows me will remember how long I've been talking about doing this! I am really pleased with the way it looks; it has evolved over the last couple of years and I would very much like to thank firstly my artist friend and graphic designer, Steve Alport, for his great graphic work and ideas, Graham Saunders at Huw David Design Limited who put together the holding page and hosting for the last year, and last but not least, the heroic Nick Price, at Twoclicks, who has created from my barrage of emails, photos and text, this lovely working website.

Cheers everyone!

The other great news is that the sun is beginning to show it's face a little more and everything is slowly coming back to life after this long, cold, miserable winter. If you're a dog walker, you'll know what I'm talking about!

Wonderful Wonderwool is at the end of the month and I'm sure Chrissie and her team are working their usual magic to create another excellent event. If you're a Wonderwool virgin, check out their website It's for anyone who wants to be inspired by woolcrafts, felt, fibres, (and buttons!). There is so much to see, and so many talented people to learn from. It's brilliant! I look forward to seeing you there!