15 May 2013

Isn't it wonderful to see everything bursting into life, new blooms, blossom and leaves? So, I thought a fresh, new ceramic button or two on the website would be my contribution to Spring!

"Chunkie" ceramic buttons
Ceramic button "Dwt"


The "Chunkie" button went down well at Wonderwool last month and is a great button for a hefty knit cardi or on a felt or leather bag. Also, I will be introducing "Oriental", a large ceramic button which has lots of fine detail highlighted in cobalt blue, right down to the Koi Carp!

Finally, on the subject of buttons, here is a sneak preview of my latest ceramic button, made of porcelain and presently available only in a royal blue glaze, but perfect for the summer worn with cool white. I've given it a Welsh name..."Dwt", well, it's only small!

I have been making lots of Hens lately, and when they are sat together, drying on a wooden board, the slight differences in each new face makes me smile, they really have their own personality!

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Have fun,