Chatting recently at a little gathering in a friends garden, I mentioned that I would like to teach a children's workshop, two days later I was asked if I would do just that!

I arrived at Y Bont Faen Primary School in Cowbridge with clay, tools and the three models I was asked to make, an elephant, a crocodile and a blue whale which the children had recently studied.

I was to teach sixty, six and seven year old children over the next two days; four sessions with fifteen children in each.

They could not have been more welcoming or enthusiastic and listened to my brief introduction about clay, kilns and basic do's and dont's, then I brought out the model that we would be making, such excitement, they couldn't wait to get started! We completed each stage together so that none were left behind. Each child was totally engaged throughout the session and although some were more able than others at cutting and joining, smoothing and shaping, they all made a recognisable model that they were pleased with.

It was messy and loud and literally back breaking work, (such low tables!), but totally worth it, the class and teachers alike enjoyed themselves and I had so many hugs and Thank You's from the children!
I took the work home carefully, to dry slowly in my shed ready for firing.

Several days later, I desperately wanted everything to survive the firing and tentatively opened the cooled kiln. To my great relief not one eyeball, trunk or tail had fallen off, the children had all cross hatched and glued with slurry at every stage of construction, and I couldn't have been prouder!

On returning the work to the school, the first little person I saw ran to me, arms outstretched for a hug, saying,"Thank you for a lovely day!"

What a fabulous experience I had! The children are going to paint their creations at home, during the holidays.

If you would like a similar clay workshop for your school in the South Wales area, please contact me...

Tel: 07821 706366
E Mail: stonehensceramics@gmail.com

I've also had a bit of the limelight recently being mentioned in 'Knitting Magazine', (August 15 issue), on a page written by The Crafter, who visited my stall at Wonderwool last April, and took a photo of me and my Buttons!

More recently, I was contacted by the team who put P A Black estate agents 'Distinctive' magazine together, a handsome glossy, distributed throughout Cardiff, the Vale and Monmouth, who had seen examples of my work in Capel Jones, Cowbridge, a wonderous little shop with an eclectic mix of old, new and must have! 

Would I like to be featured in the summer edition they asked, I said I would!! 

So, there's a little bit about Stone Hens Ceramics along with a photo of my glazed porcelain hearts.