Buttons don't just have to be functional, they are not only used to fasten cardigans etc.
Try using buttons to embellish jeans, denim jackets, cushions, curtains, hats, scarves, beach bags, felt bags, tote bags, baskets, purses and handbags.

Use in a necklace or bracelet, sew a few small buttons onto a scoop neck top, group buttons together on a coat lapel, use instead of a brooch, make a statement with one large button on plain chunky knitware, add to a collage, brighten up a charity find or something from your wardrobe, let your imagination run wild!

The stoneware clay that I use is finely speckled which gives interest to unglazed areas, and both stoneware and porcelain buttons are fired to 1260c which produces a very durable and non porous result.

Making the buttons is a thoroughly engrossing and time consuming process, many of my designs such as the leaves are individually cut out by hand, some are glazed up to 5 times each, others are left to soak up oxides before firing and glazing and every stage from ball of clay to finished button is done by hand. many buttons warp in the firing process and these are discarded, only the best are sewn on cards for sale.

Button Care

The Buttons are fired, glazed and fired again at a very high temperature which makes them non porous and durable.

Washing by hand is fine. If you need to use a washing machine, turn the garment inside out so that buttons do not touch the drum.

Larger, pointy buttons, such as a large heart, may work it's way through the garment, so cover in several layers of foil before turning garment inside out and then washing in the usual way.

Daisy Trio
Daisy Trio
Porcelain Daisy Trio