I grew up in Penarth, S. Wales, in a creative home environment.

My mother, accomplished at painting, embroidery, dressmaking and baking would stand next to me as I stood on a stool at the kitchen counter to knead, roll and cut pastry for hours, pure joy!

My father taught woodwork, metalwork and tech drawing and in the long school holidays would be at his garage workbench, sawing and joining, the air thick with the smell of Evo-Stick! An amazing array of objects would emerge, from a rocking horse to a coffee table, a surfboard to a cigar box. And so it follows that I too love hand made.
In my late teens I enrolled on a Ceramics evening class and I have been in love with clay ever since!

Over time, I have created ranges of products which I've given as presents, sold at local craft fairs, been invited to exhibit in the presence of HRH Prince Charles, and not so long ago I was thrilled to have a selection of my buttons for sale in the haberdashery dept. of Liberty, London.
Meeting my customers and other makers at fairs is a wonderful experience and with encouraging feedback from so many, I have decided to open an online shop with all my products in one place.

I design and make every aspect of my work by hand, I try not to duplicate the exact same pattern on each item, (Candleholders, Hearts and Angels, where lace is used, in particular), so that each one is unique and individual. It can be a slow process at times, it can't be rushed, but that's what hand made is all about!